Wine tasting at Tuen winery

Visit the world's northernmost vineyard! Here you get a guided tour through 11 wine cellars with wine tasting, and insight into how the process from harvesting to finished wine takes place.

Tuen is the world's northernmost vineyard, and the only one of its kind in Norway. The wine is produced with hand-picked berries, fruit and plant juices harvested from Johan's own garden or from the nature in Romsdalen. The raw material is carefully processed, which gives each wine a different character.

Activity: Visit local winery, lectures and wine tasting
‍Duration: 2,5 hours (including transport)
‍Time: 16:30 o'clock
‍Number of tastings: 10
‍Group size: 2-16
Age: 18 years age limit

2-8 people can be given a tour of all 15 basement rooms, including the production premises, lectures and tastings.

9-16 people get a tour, lectures and tastings in the largest basement rooms.

This is a perfect experience to combine with dinner at Hotel Aak afterwards. Winegrower Johan Setnes can also present wine to larger groups, but then at Hotel Aak. Ask us about group price.

Johan Setnes

‍ Buy wine:

There is also the possibility of farm sales of wine bottles, but then only from varieties tasted during the day/evening tastings. This is an exclusive offer, only for Johan's guests.
Sales time:
Weekdays until 20:00 o'clock,
Days before Sundays and public holidays until 18:00 o'clock.


  • Farm visit with guided tours, lectures and tastings.
  • Transport from Hotel Aak to the winery and back to the hotel afterwards.
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