Give your people a memorable visit here with us. We put together your own corporate packages so that you get a stay that suits your wishes and needs. What the experience at Hotel Aak has in common is a wonderful atmosphere, good food and spectacular nature experiences.

There is plenty of science, anecdotes, quotes and a host of philosophers, poets, entrepreneurs and leaders throughout the ages who have discovered that fresh air and walking are good for you. You and I know it too. Humans are wired for activity. It makes us healthy and happy, but it can also bring success! Walking in the fresh air is a canvas for creativity that has been with us for millennia. By moving, our brains fizz, we see things from a different angle and new ideas are born. At Aak, we therefore recommend that you and your team take small or larger chunks of fresh air during the meeting. A stroll, thinking walk, campfire coffee, electric bike ride, spring walk, forest walk, mountain hike or summit hike. We have tips (and we're excited)!

You also get access to two different meeting rooms. John Venge with room for a maximum of 15 people, and Arne Randers Heen with room for a maximum of 40 people. Access to modern technical equipment and meeting food is included. The meeting rooms can be booked even if you are not a guest at the hotel. Just get in touch.

Get a unique experience with your colleagues

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Strategy conference

We have the facilities you need for good gatherings with your company.

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Guided tour

The trip is adapted based on the group's prerequisites and wishes. Smiles, inspiration and new ideas are the goal.

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Travel green

If you want to take the train to Aak, we'll be happy to pick you up. If you want to go to the mountains, we'll drive there too. Pst! Brilliant to use the train for meetings. Book your own carriage.  


Great meals

After performance comes enjoyment. We have good food in focus - maybe today's best meeting will take place here?

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Calmness to think

A breathing room for you and your company. One step back can easily take you two steps forward.



Around the table or on a walk. Activities together builds team spirit.

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Do you want to experience Romsdalen on your own? Then you can rent equipment from us. Whether you want to paddle, go hiking, cycling or climbing.

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