Kayaking in Raumaelva

Join a beautiful and relaxed kayak trip in the crystal clear Rauma River that flows through Romsdalen. With mighty mountains and green forest in all directions, you quickly find peace.

Explore the Rauma River by kayak from Hotel Aak. The kayak is set out on Rauma next to the hotel, where you can paddle both up and down.

Dress for the weather with wind and a waterproof jacket. Warm clothes, food, drinks, snacks, caps and sunglasses are wise supplements to bring along!

The rent includes kayak, oar, life jacket, neoprene pants and waterproof bag.


All kayaking is done at your own risk and responsibility. Self-declaration must be signed before rental. You are responsible for having your own insurance. Check if your insurance applies to damage or loss of borrowed equipment.

Terms and conditions between the tenant and Hotel Aak

  • The tenant must identify themselves and present a 'Wet Card' or other similar experience (Euro Paddle Pass etc.), which applies to basic courses from the Norwegian Paddle Association or equivalent in other countries. One must be able to swim, comfortable in the water and over 18 years.
  • A person with a basic course can bring a person without a course (1: 1).
  • Hotel Aak will ensure that kayaks and equipment are in good condition.
  • By renting kayaks from Hotel Aak, the tenant is responsible for their own safety and all risk is at their own risk.
  • The tenant must treat the kayak and equipment nicely.
  • In the event of major damage or loss of equipment, the tenant is liable for compensation.  
  • All damage or defects in equipment must be reported by the tenant to the landlord.
  • In the event of theft, the tenant is obliged to report to the police and the landlord
  • When you rent a kayak at Hotel Aak, the kayak is set out on the Rauma river. The river is mostly flat and calm from Hotel Aak and down. One must be aware that there is current and undercurrent in the river in some places. We point out that tides, as well as precipitation amounts affect the water level and speed of the river.
  • The tenant is obliged to wear a life jacket as long as you are on the river or along the river bank. Risk-taking in connection with rental is at your own risk.

1 hour: 700 NOK per person (minimum 2 people).
2 hours: 900 NOK per person (minimum 2 people).

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