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Experience the most that Norwegian nature has to offer. Our guides know the mountains. They are always on the lookout for the best and safest snow, depending on the conditions.

Experience Romsdalsfjellene 

So you want to experience the best Romsdalen has to offer?

Romsdalen is known for its many mountains, offering a variety of both high and low peaks. At their highest, the peaks reach 1800 meters. The winter here is long, and the season can last until the beginning of June.

We are so lucky to have been placed right in the middle of the "eye of the storm", it is not without reason that Åndalsnes is called "Norway's thaw capital". People come from far and wide to experience Romsdalen and what the mountains have to offer. It's important to remember that nature here is not only beautiful, but also powerful. Knowing where to go, in what weather, is important for a good and safe experience. We therefore recommend everyone to book one of our local house guides.


If you book a guide through us, you get a completely tailor-made tour for your group. The guide will plan the trip based on your skill level and wishes. We recommend that you book at least three days in the mountains. This is because of the weather, but also so that the guide and the group get to know each other and can plan the best possible tour. The weather here also varies. A guide will ensure that you have as safe a trip as possible. They know the terrain and the best routes up and down.

If you book a guide, you and the guide will have a good chat before your first trip. Tour experience, expectations, wishes, group dynamics, safety, weather and snow conditions are topics that will be discussed.

Packing list

  • Skis, poles, skins and ski boots with walking function
  • Ski helmet and goggles
  • Avalanche equipment: search pole, avalanche transceiver, shovel
  • Wool inside. On cold days, you can wear two thin layers. On warm spring days, t-shirt and shorts!
  • Extra wool sweater and wool pants, fleece jacket etc. and down jacket with hood
  • Shell cladding - lightweight, wind and waterproof
  • Buff, 2 hats and 2 pairs of gloves/wind mittens  
  • High-factor sunscreen, lipstick and sunglasses
  • Daypack with space for helmet and attachment for skis and ice axe.
  • Large snack pack. Snacks such as nuts, dried fruit, meat, chocolate, energy bars, etc.
  • Water/juice and something hot on temos
  • Seat pads
  • Mobile phone
  • Toilet paper and matches (unasked-for traffic: paper is burned and buried with other waste)
  • Compeed

Other clever tips: sports tape can fix most things. Headlamp w/ new batteries for cold, short days. Leatherman (fix bindings, poles etc. along the way). First aid kit.

You can rent ski and avalanche equipment from us.

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