Course: top tour intro - ladies only

Date: 09.-12.02. Lower your shoulders and relax, it's going to be a girls' weekend here. You don't have to think about what you say or do. We laugh, howl with joy and learn a lot together! Join the beginner's top hiking course for ladies. Set aside a few days to learn the basics of summit touring and alpine skiing. Your focus for the weekend is learning and enjoyment, we'll fix the rest.

Business trip
Culinary experience

Content of the course

We want to be in the mountains as much as possible, but also have some cabins at the hotel. You get a basic introduction to the use of equipment, trip planning, map knowledge, route selection, avalanche knowledge, snow knowledge, safety, ski technique (uphill and downhill), driving patterns, rescue, tips and tricks.

The goal for the days

Good summit tour experiences and learning. You get knowledge and tools that can help you make independent choices and assessments in the mountains.

Who is the course suitable for?

• You have skied quite a bit, but want to test out how top touring life works. You don't need any prior knowledge. You must be in good physical shape. The courses are adapted according to who participates in the courses.

• There must be a minimum of 4 participants to complete the course. If you are a group of 4 or more, we can offer private courses.

• If a more advanced course is desired, (snow stability, snow profile, stability tests) it is also possible. Content and number of days can be tailored based on the group's wishes.

Recommended reading:

• Lundberg Nes, Christer 2018: Ski buddy. Free flow
• Landrø, Markus. 2008. Landslide danger. Free flow
• Brattlien, Kjetil. 2017. The little avalanche book. Free flow
• The avalanche school at



• 16.00 Check-in
• 17.30 Get to know each other. Presentation and coordination of the days
• 19.00 Aperitif
• 19.30 3-course dinner

Friday and Saturday

• 08.00 Breakfast and packed lunch
• 09.00 Out for a walk

• Friday: basic skills
• Saturday: summit tour. Planning and execution of the summit tour. We go through the most important tools to be able to ensure a safer summit trip

• 16.00 Joint gathering + après ski & sauna
• 19.00 Aperitif
• 19.30 3-course dinner


• 08.00 Breakfast and packed lunch
• 09.00 Joint meeting
• 10.00 Tour. Optional day: go on a trip yourself and test what you have learned or book an extra day with a guide and learn a little more.
• It is possible to use a shower at the hotel after the tour.


• Historic Double Room - NOK. NOK 11,460 per person
• Historic Single Room - NOK. NOK 15,000 per person
• Standard Double Room - NOK. NOK 11,760 per person
• Standard Single Room - NOK. NOK 15,300 per person
• Superior Room - NOK. NOK 12,480 per person
• Superior Room with three beds - NOK. NOK 11,400 per person

Equipment rental

We rent out skis and avalanche packages. Pre-order early to make sure we have equipment that suits you.
Ski package: Top touring skis with dynafit binding and traps, ski boots and poles. NOK 700 per day.
Avalanche package: Transmitter/receiver, shovel and search rod. NOK 250 per day.


Hotel Aak is located in Åndalsnes, midway between Ålesund, Molde and Dombås. Take the train from Oslo or Trondheim to Hotel Aak, or bus from Ålesund and Molde. We recommend the greenest way to travel: train.

Recommended train times from Oslo


Departure: Oslo S at 08.02/09.34 or Trondheim 08.19/10.18
Arrival: Åndalsnes at 13.28/16.03


Return: Åndalsnes at 14.31/16.30

Arrival: Oslo S at 2024/22.04 or Trondheim S at 20.53


Feel free to stay longer or come earlier for work. We have the facilities in place.


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